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‘Roma’ Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero Might Miss the Oscars Because the US Is Denying His Visa

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by Eben Diskin Jan 28, 2019

Getting to the Oscars should be hard because of the talent, dedication, and hard work required to receive a nomination — not because the government won’t give you a visa. For Mexican actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero, however, this is an unfortunate reality.

Guerrero plays the role of Fermín in Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, a Netflix film that has been nominated for 10 Oscars, but he might not be able to attend due to his visa request being denied three times by the US government.

Likely making matters worse, this debacle took place during the government shutdown over border security. Although Guerrero may end up sitting out these Oscars, Netflix is still trying to help secure him a visa in time for the February 25 awards show.

In an interview with El Universal, Guerrero tried to keep things in perspective. “How many people does this not happen to?” he said. “How many people have to risk their lives to go to the United States, not to be invited to a red carpet, but to work?”

H/T: The Daily Beast

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