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‘Safe Travels’ Stamps Will Mark Destinations You Can Visit With Peace of Mind

by Eben Diskin Jun 8, 2020

One question will be on the minds of all prospective travelers for the next few months: “Is this safe?” Whether it’s airplanes, hotels, or entire countries, travelers can’t really enjoy a vacation if they’re concerned about being infected by COVID-19. To give travelers peace of mind, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has designed “safe travels” stamps, which indicate that a tourism entity is abiding by WHO-issued safety protocols. Anyone involved in the tourism industry, including airlines, hotels, restaurants, tour operators, countries, and more can request to participate in the initiative and be issued a stamp if they follow the protocols.

Gloria Guevara, president of the WTTC, said in a statement, “Now travellers will be able to recognise the businesses and destinations worldwide which have adopted the new set of global protocols that will encourage the return of ‘Safe Travels’ around the world. It will, in turn, help the Travel & Tourism sector to reopen for business and move in a coordinated approach.”

Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Cancun, Barcelona, and Seville are destinations that have already expressed support for the program.

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