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Seattle's Space Needle Gets the World's First Revolving Glass Floor

Seattle News
by Tim Wenger Aug 6, 2018

Seattle’s iconic Space Needle has been undergoing $100 million renovations, and it certainly was money well spent — it now has the world’s first revolving glass floor.

This record-setting development, unveiled on August 3rd, has been dubbed “The Loupe.” Sitting 50 stories above street level, the rotating deck slowly spins in a never-ending loop, powered by 12 motors. Everything from the walls, floors, and barriers has been converted to glass, allowing for nearly unrestricted views of the city and the adjacent Puget Sound from 500 feet up in the air. If you find yourself a bit queasy at the thought of spinning around in a circle at that height, you can take comfort in knowing that the glass floor is reinforced 10 times over with tightly bonded glass.

The Space Needle was completed for the World Fair in 1962 and quickly became the defining feature of Seattle’s skyline. The tower sees over one million visitors each year, with many visiting the iconic SkyCity restaurant, which has been closed for much of the remodeling process. The restaurant itself is set to receive a glass floor, as well, in time for its scheduled reopening later this year.

H/T: CNN Travel

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