Photo: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Is Turning an Unused Double-Decker Plane Into a Restaurant

by Eben Diskin Sep 30, 2020

Airplanes aren’t exactly seeing the action they’re used to these days. Not to let a perfectly good aircraft go to waste, Singapore Airlines is opening a new restaurant on a A380 double-decker plane currently in disuse at Changi Airport. The restaurant is part of its “Discover Your Singapore Airlines” initiative, and will feel just like boarding a typical flight.

At Restaurant A380, guests will pass through airport security before boarding the plane via jet bridge. They will start the meal with a tour of the superjumbo, with access to areas that usually remain private. Menus will have options from each cabin class, including either international cuisine or a Singaporean Peranakan menu. Guests will be served by cabin crew and watch inflight entertainment while they eat.

The restaurant will only be open on October 24 and 25, and reservations becoming available on October 12.

In November, the airline will also be opening its training facilities to the public for exclusive behind-the-scenes tours.

SIA CEO Goh Choon Phong said, “With COVID-19 drastically reducing the number of flights operated by the SIA Group, we have created unique activities that would allow us to engage with our fans and customers during this time. These experiences offer something for everyone – from frequent flyers who miss our world-class in-cabin products and service, to couples and families who want an exclusive dining experience, and parents who are after an enjoyable activity-filled day with their children during the school holidays.”

Although having dinner in an airplane may not be as exciting as actually taking a flight, this initiative is a much better option to get travelers stuck at home excited about air travel than the incredibly planet damaging flights to nowhere that are all the rage these days.

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