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Southwest’s New Sale Has Fares as Low as $39

by Eben Diskin Jan 10, 2019

Airlines are already planning for Americans deciding how to ration their vacation days in 2019, with many, including SAS, offering insanely cheap flights. Southwest Airlines is no exception. Its sale includes one-way flights all throughout the US for as little as $39. The sale runs until January 24, and is valid for flight dates between January 29 and May 22. Flights must be purchased at least 21 days in advance, with domestic flights available between January 29 and May 22. The sale applies to international flights between January 29 and May 16, with a blackout period between March 6 and April 23. Some of our favorites include:

There are dozens of cities included in the sale, so make sure to thoroughly browse the list to find the route that’s perfect for you. What really makes Southwest’s sale unique, however, is that unlike low-cost carriers, you won’t encounter any extra baggage fees. Although purchased at a discount, your Southwest ticket will still include two bags, and there is no charge in the event you need to change your flight.

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