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Watch These YouTubers Spend the Night in the World's Most Dangerous Hotel

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by Morgane Croissant Nov 19, 2021

Forget all about haunted Airbnbs and scary campsitesthis is the scariest place to stay. Named the world’s most dangerous hotel because it’s not much more than a pile of rust in the middle of the ocean, the Frying Pan Tower is not for the faint-hearted.

Built in 1964 to guide ships in the treacherous waters of Frying Pan Shoals off the coast of North Carolina, the Frying Pan Tower is a not-so-solid-looking steel structure where you can spend the night. The tower stopped operating as a light station in 2004 and is the property of Richard Neal since 2010. Neal, an eccentric character to say the least, has turned the tower into the scariest hotel in the world and uses he proceeds from the business to maintain the structure.

Hyper, Justin, and Andrew, the YouTubers behind the channel MoreJstu, spent one day and one night in the Frying Pan Tower and got the royal treatment. They arrived by the only way possible, helicopter, and after being shown the inside of the tower and their surprisingly comfortable bedroom, they took a tour of the outside, taking a good look at the rust-eaten beams that keeps the world’s most dangerous hotel up above the ocean rather than at the bottom of it.

But while jumping up and and down on rusty metal mesh above shark-infested waters was scary, Neal was not going to let them off the hook so easily. They wanted to be scared and Neal was here for it. The owner got them to swing from the top of the tower by ropes a few inches above the water; he gave them a firework show from the helipad; and he scared them with a potential pirate ship sighting. All in all, a pretty ordinary stay at the world’s most dangerous hotel.

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