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A Whisky Brand Is Giving Away a Luxury 5-Day Tokyo Trip for Two Highball Lovers

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by Nickolaus Hines Jul 15, 2021

The 2020 Summer Olympics has been put back on the calendar for 2021, but travel to see the city and games in person has not. Yet while the games will come and go, the beauty and joy of experiencing Tokyo will be there for us next year.

The House of Suntory, which makes beloved whiskies like Hibiki and Yamazaki, is helping two people experience the grand side of Tokyo in 2022 by giving away a five day, four night stay at a luxury resort along with a round-trip flight, ground transportation when they get there, and a distillery tour or “Suntory Time” whisky experience. There’s also a stipend of $2,500 included to bring the total estimated value of the trip to $30,000. It’s like the best parts of Lost in Translation (the whisky and fancy digs) without the midlife crisis (probably).

Anyone who is 21 or older, lives in the US, and enjoys a good whisky highball can win the trip. To throw your name into the hat, you first need to make a whisky highball with one part Toki Japanese whisky and three parts soda water. Then simply follow ​​@SuntoryToki on Instagram and post a picture of your highball, tagging the brand and including a creative 300-character-max caption that includes both #SuntoryTime and #TokyoContest. Being a superfan of Japanese whisky and the perfected Japanese whisky highball isn’t a requirement, but it’d be hard not to enjoy them both when touring the best of Tokyo.

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Photo: House of Suntory

The full rules can be found on Suntory’s website.

You have until August 14 to post your photo and cross your fingers you’re a grand prize winner. Another 50 people will receive a complete Suntory Time Highball kit for future drinking. For the rest of us, a quick stop at the liquor store for a bottle of Japanese whisky, soda water, and some fancy ice will have to do.

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