Take a Vacation Under a Literal Rock This Election Week for Just $5 a Night

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by Eben Diskin Oct 6, 2020

Usually living under a rock is considered a bad thing, an indication of ignorance and lack of awareness about global events. Well, in 2020 a little ignorance probably couldn’t hurt. That’s why is giving you the chance to live under a rock, and it’s coming at the time you probably want to avoid human contact the most — election week.

Underground accommodation in New Mexico for election week for just 5 dollars per night


Jennifer Dohm, head of PR, told Travel & Leisure, “We know that election season can be really draining and stressful, so we turned an age old idiom into a unique overnight stay that could really only exist in a year like 2020. Now, travelers can finally catch a break from all of that nonstop election doom scrolling and go live under a rock — literally!”

Underground accommodation for election week


From November 2 through November 7, is offering the chance to stay for five nights in a man-made cave 50 feet underground in New Mexico. Sure, it’ll be one of the most unique accommodations you’ve ever stayed in, but it’ll also give you a quiet environment to wait out the most stressful time of the year. The best part is it only costs $5 per night, for a total of $25.

Underground accommodation in New Mexico for election week


The booking is going live on the Under a Rock website at 9:00 AM ET on October 9, and only one person will be able to book it. If you do win, just make sure you vote before you go hide.

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