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Teachers Can Win Free Flights to Mexico for Teacher Appreciation Week

by Tim Wenger Apr 12, 2019

If you spend your working hours educating others and bettering the world, there might be a free trip to Mexico in your near future. With the walkouts, strikes, and politics surrounding the job these days, wants to help teachers take a load off. The company is offering 50 free round-trip flights for educators as a way of saying thank you during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10 — an effort that follows the free cruise for teachers offer that Norwegian put out last month.

To register for your chance to win, sign up for the company’s Beach4Teach Club. You’ll be prompted to create an account will be required to prove your status as an honorable educator. On the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week, keep your eyes glued to your inbox. An email will come in with a link and instructions to enter the giveaway. From there, it’s up to luck — and your ability to properly fill out a form and follow instructions, which of course you’re already great at given your profession.

Travel must take place between July 10 and December 10, giving you the chance to opt for a summer getaway, a fall excursion, or even an escape from the creeping cold weather of winter. The rest of the trip is on you — but not having to worry about airfare means there’s no excuse not to opt for the nicer room at the resort, and maybe an extra excursion or two while you’re down there. Even if you don’t win a free trip to Mexico, the club promises loads of travel deals for teachers on the regular. So you should at least be able to score a great summer vacay trip on the cheap.

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