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Teenage Girl Falls to Her Death at Popular Horseshoe Bend Overlook

by Eben Diskin Dec 28, 2018

On Christmas Eve, a 14-year-old girl from San Jose, California tragically fell from the iconic Horseshoe Bend overlook in Arizona. She had been visiting the overlook with her family, who last saw her at 2:00 PM that day, and reported her missing around 4:00 PM. A rescue helicopter was dispatched to search for the teen’s body, which was spotted at the base of the overlook, about 700 feet from where she had fallen. Since it was already dark, the rescue team was forced to wait until 10:00 AM the following morning to recover the body.

After the body was transported to a medical examiner in Flagstaff, sheriff’s officials said “the initial investigation indicates an accidental fall, however, the incident is still under investigation and pending review by the Medical Examiner’s Office.”

There are currently no guardrails at the lookout. With the rise of Instagramming and geotagging, the spot has become increasingly popular in recent years as a photo backdrop, attracting more and more visitors to the site. If you do plan to visit Horseshoe Bend, make sure to exercise caution, especially around precipitous drops.

H/T: BuzzFeed

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