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Things That Inevitably Happen to You When You Move Overseas for Love

by Rebecca Hughes Jan 25, 2018

Living overseas for love generally consists of doing embarrassing things in front of in-laws due to cultural misunderstandings, and consoling oneself with copious amounts of wine. But luckily language slips and bureaucratic mixups are offset by filmic airport reunions with your partner and having the best travel companion to explore your new country with.

Here’s more you will inevitably experience if you move abroad for love.

1. You’ll spend the first few months exploring your new country with your partner.


Through some strong rose-tinted glasses.

2. And finally meet the in-laws.


Social etiquette in your own country is hard enough.

3. You’ll undoubtedly make an awkward language faux pas in front of the new family.


One letter can be all it takes to go from family friendly to X-rated.

4. And then need an escape after meeting them.


Did someone say “wine glass that holds a whole bottle of wine”?

5. You’ll have a real experience the first time you attempt to deal with bureaucracy without your partner.


There’s a strong chance you’ll register under a false identity…

6. You quickly find out your new country doesn’t sell your favorite brands.


Care packages needed!

7. You’ll have arguments in two languages.


Which rarely make sense.

8. But also developing a secret language that no one else will ever understand.


Particularly as you use it to comment on your partner’s personal hygiene in front of all their friends.

9. This will be the norm when you meet your partner in the airport after a trip home.


You’re definitely worthy of inclusion in Love Actually’s opening sequence.

10. You’ll meet your partner’s friends and have absolutely no idea what they’re saying.


Just smile and laugh.

11. Your partner will attempt to console you after you bungle yet another social interaction.


The cheek kiss can go so horribly wrong if you lunge the wrong way.

12. When you see what’s required to get citizenship.


And wonder why you didn’t choose a country with citizenship by marriage.

13. When home friends come to visit.


And you pack your partner off to stay with relatives for a few days.

14. Your home friends’ reactions when you moan about your terrible life abroad.


Which is actually pretty great.

15. After time you’ll figure out a way to call home which doesn’t require a bank loan.


And doesn’t have a 3-minute delay.

16. And someone will compliment your language skills.


But then you can’t talk for the rest of the night in case you make a mistake.

17. Then you suddenly realize you’ve got this.


And you don’t need your partner to help you with everything. Unless it’s opening prosecco bottles, which is terrifying.

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