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6 Things the Rest of the US Can Learn From Philadelphia

by Jennifer Prince Aug 8, 2018

With a name that includes “brotherly love,” it’s no wonder that Philadelphia has a thing or two to teach other US cities. Packed with things to do and super passionate people, here are seven things the rest of the US can learn from Philadelphia.

1. Fandom is lyfe, which is way better than life.

When it comes to being a sports fan, there is no in-between. Other cities like their team, but we Philadelphia fans are willing to scale the highest heights to proclaim our unabashed devotion (even if the way there is greased).

2. We learn about our history by getting outside.

When we dive into historical projects at school about the city, we chuck a jacket on and visit actual sites. With the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Betsy Ross House all within close proximity, it’s easy for us to feel excited about the history of our city and nation.

3. The venues our grandparents used to hangout in are still awesome.

A local song from the 1960s asked, “Where do all the hippies meet?” Today we find it filled with hipsters, but the answer in the lyrics of “South Street” still reigns true as the place to go for great eateries and boutiques. Who knew our Philadelphian grandparents were so cool?

4. We’re a good influence on those around people in the wider community.

Not only is the city vibrant, but we have learned to share its culture and ethics with non-center city areas. In places such as Doylestown, Manayunk, and Chestnut Hill, it’s easy to see that Philly’s influence has had a positive effect. Since good vibes and respect works for our favorite city, it may as well be shared.

5. We make it easy for people to get places.

With public transportation everywhere, it’s easy to move about utilizing the city’s public buses and trains. There’s no better way to pack all of our things to do into one day than to be toted around by SEPTA. The great network makes a huge difference to our day-to-day lives as well as reduce our environmental footprint.

6. We have something for everyone.

Yes, our culture is built on a foundation of respect for sports and our local teams, but we also invest in our art scene and educational activities. The city and its people support fabulous art and science museums, gorgeous local boutiques, and delicious restaurants with regional produce menus. We’ve got all interests and passions covered.

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