Photo: Kallmekris /YouTube

TikTok Star Kallmekris Nails 25 Accents in 5 Minutes

by Noelle Alejandra Salmi Jul 1, 2021

TikTok star from British Columbia, Canada, who goes by Kallmekris, is trending on YouTube for her “25 Accents in Five Minutes” video, a hilarious take on English accents around the world.

Glistening with sweat from the British Columbia’s unprecedented heat wave, Kris kept her cool and her smile in the 113-degree heat to offer up whimsical accents from across Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, and Scotland. She even threw in English accents from French, German, and Russian speakers.

Kris’ video amassed hundreds of thousands of views overnight. In it, she admits that Canadians really do say “Eh” a lot, US Midwesterners could say anything at all and still sound friendly, and that Californians lengthen the last word of every sentence.

Her TikTok channel’s popularity soared during the pandemic, earning her nearly 32 million viewers and over 1.4 billion likes. One of Kris’ specialties is impressions from popular TV and movie characters, some of them animated and many from other countries, so it was a natural move for Kris to take on how real people speak.

In nice Canadian fashion, Kris is careful to say that she knows not everyone from these regions sounds this way and she means no offense to anyone. She seems genuinely inspired by each of these English accents — be it from Brooklyn or Boston, Quebec or California. In her comments, she also invites viewers to offer corrections and to suggest other accents they’d like to hear.

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