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Win a $25,000 Trip to Antarctica for You and a Friend

by Olivia Harden Jul 21, 2021

If you’ve been dreaming of traveling to Antarctica but the price tag of such a trip is way too high for your budget, now is your chance. The adventure travel company Intrepid Travel is celebrating the inaugural season of its new polar expedition vessel with a giveaway you can’t pass on: a free trip for two to Antarctica, valued at $25,000.

The 11-day trip will take place on the Ocean Endeavour, a cruise ship equipped with a gym, spa, library, heated saltwater pool, and jacuzzi. Besides those amazing amenities, Intrepid Travel wants you to have a more personal experience, so for every eight passengers, there is one crew member ready to make this experience as memorable as possible.

On board, several guides with expert knowledge in marine biology, glaciology, and Antarctic history will be able to answer your questions and make this trip to Antarctica as educational as possible. And guests will not just stay on the ship and admire the seventh continent from afar — they’ll be able to kayak, snowshoe, and take in all of Antarctica’s beauty up close.

While cruises are far from being environmentally friendly, the Ocean Endeavour’s trips to Antarctica, like all the cruises available through Intrepid Travel, 100 percent offset their carbon emissions. There are no single-use plastics onboard, and the company only uses biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaning products.

The giveaway will close on August 23, 2021, at 10 AM ET. If you’re the lucky winner, be sure to book your trip by September 30 to depart before December 30, 2021, if you’re craving a 2021 escape.

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