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Survey Finds That People Would Give Up Sex to Be Able to Travel Right Now

by Eben Diskin Feb 23, 2021

If someone offered to lift pandemic restrictions and allow you to travel freely again, what would you give up to make it happen? Unfortunately, no personal sacrifice will magically make COVID-19 disappear, but it’s still fun to imagine. A recent survey by hotel search platform Trivago posed that very question to its audience, and the answers were quite interesting.

The survey polled over 2,000 adults in the US and UK and was designed to see how consumers planned to travel in 2021. Perhaps as expected, it found that Americans are so desperate for travel that they’d be willing to give up several essential things just to be able to do it again.

One in five respondents said they would give up their significant other to be able to travel right now, 25 percent said they’d give up all their savings, and 48 percent said they’d quit their job. Most revealing, 38 percent of American respondents said they’d give up sex for a year to go on a trip right now.

The survey also found that 81 percent of Americans cited lack of travel as one of the worst parts of the pandemic.

In response to the results, Trivago said, “It’s clear that travel plays a massive role in our lives and overall happiness.”

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