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TSA Saw Record Numbers of Travelers This Labor Day Weekend

by Eben Diskin Sep 9, 2020

Despite the ongoing pandemic, people are showing their increased willingness to travel. With lockdowns lifting and a semblance of normal life slowly returning, TSA just reported a record number of passengers passing through security checkpoints this Labor Day Weekend — the most since March.

The Friday before Labor Day (September 4, 2020), TSA reported 968,673 people moving through TSA checkpoints around the country. It was the first time since March 17 that more than 900,000 passengers had been screened in a single day. Exactly one year ago, however, the number of passengers was 2.2 million, so travel isn’t exactly back to normal yet.

The number of travelers passing through TSA checkpoints declined dramatically in March, with a 51 percent decrease in passengers compared to the same month the previous year. By April, the drop in passengers was at 96 percent compared to April 2019. April 14 saw the fewest number of travelers, with only 87,500 passengers going through TSA checkpoints.

Travelers numbers have been on the rise since May, though the continuation of that trend likely depends on the global health situation and the reopening policies.

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