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Uber Is Launching a New Feature That Allows Seven-Hour Road Trips

by Eben Diskin May 29, 2020

Travel in summer 2020 is a time to get creative with your trips. You might feel uneasy about hopping on a train or a plane for a lengthy trip, but now you can enlist Uber as your chauffeur without racking up an exorbitant fare. Uber is launching a new hourly reservation service, allowing users to travel up to seven hours away. The program will allow users to book an extended trip, complete with additional stops, for $50 per hour. This makes it easier for users to complete several errands at once, or embark on a lengthier excursion.

Niraj Patel, director of rider operations, said in a statement, “Building on a global pilot, we’re launching Uber Hourly to provide riders a more convenient way to get things done, and to provide an additional earnings opportunity for drivers as we move forward in this ‘new normal.’ When you need to run errands, head to a doctor’s appointment, or grab groceries, Uber Hourly fits around your schedule flexibly for those moments if and when you prefer extra time and added peace of mind.”

The new feature will roll out June 2 in cities across the US. At first, cities will include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tacoma, Seattle, and Washington, DC, but the service is likely to be expanded elsewhere. Your pick-up location must be in one of the designated cities; the drop-off location can be wherever you like.

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