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The New Uber Shuttle Service Will Make Your Trips to the Airport a Lot Cheaper

by Morgane Croissant May 15, 2024

In more than 700 airports throughout the world, travelers have the choice to either grab a cab to their destination, or take an Uber. Uber being generally much cheaper than the alternative, it’s a no-brainer for those trying to keep their budget in check. But with Uber’s new service, Uber Shuttle, it’ll soon be even more cost-saving to get to and and from the airport. In an email conversation, a spokesperson for Uber explained that “Uber Shuttle fare will differ based on location and venue, but it will be a fraction of the price of UberX.”

Uber Shuttle, currently only available in Mexico City and some cities in Egypt and India, but spreading to select US cities soon, is simply an Uber bus for which you can reserve seats. With Uber Shuttle, you can get from downtown locations straight to the airport or to concert and games venues, and back.

Being the official rideshare partner of select Live Nation venues, Uber Shuttle will serve amphitheaters in Chicago, Charlotte, and Pittsburgh, with more US cities to come. Plus, Uber Shuttle will run to and from Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, and other sporting events and concerts. As far as airports are concerned, there’s no current definitive list of those that Uber Shuttle will serve.

To book an Uber Shuttle, open the app and enter your destination. You can then select the Shuttle option, make sure the fare works for you, select your preferred pick-up timing, select the number of seats (maximum three), and then tap Request. You can book your ride up to a week in advance.

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“Uber Shuttle is our answer to providing an easy, affordable, and convenient way to get around. As a truly global solution, it looks different in different places. Having launched in Egypt and India to get people to work, we’re thrilled to now bring Shuttle to the U.S. this summer, to get fans to concerts and sporting events, as well as travelers to the airport,” says Anthony le Roux, General Manager of Uber Shuttle.

Unlike a regular Uber ride, Uber Shuttles follow specific routes and have set pickup and drop-off points, so you can’t be picked up or dropped-off anywhere you like. Also, you need to be at the pick-up point a few minutes before the Uber Shuttle shows up (you can track it via the app). The Shuttle will only wait two minutes at the pick-up point before it leaves.

And if you’re not the kind of person who tends to avoid riding buses, Uber Shuttles, which can accommodate between 14 and 55 people at a time, might just change your perception of this mode of transport. Uber guarantees that they are safe, clean, air-conditioned, and high-quality vehicles.

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