Photo: Yoweri K Museveni/Twitter

75-Year-Old Ugandan Leader Releases Home Workout Video

by Eben Diskin Apr 10, 2020

Worldwide lockdown have spawned an assortment of at-home fitness experts and yoga enthusiasts. Now adding his name to the long list of online fitness trainers is 75-year-old Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda.

In a video released on Thursday, dressed more like a boxer-in-training than a head of state, Museveni jogged laps around his office in a gray Nike tracksuit, before banging out a few push-ups.

In the video, he says, “It’s good to go outside, outdoors when there’s no problem. But when there’s need you can go indoors.”

The video is an attempt to encourage Ugandans to refrain from outdoor exercise in groups or close to each other, and practice responsible social distancing by taking their workouts indoors during the strict national lockdown.

This isn’t the first time he’s attempted to connect more personally with his constituents. In 2010, Museveni released a rap song called “you want another rap,” aimed at improving his image among younger voters.

While his current video might not earn him as much street cred, it does serve an important purpose, and hopefully, Ugandans abide by the message to stay indoors.

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