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Vaccinated US Travelers Can Now Skip Quarantine in New York

by Dayana Aleksandrova Mar 5, 2021

As vaccination efforts in the United States continue, New York is easing its travel restrictions. Inoculated US passengers traveling domestically can now skip the state’s mandatory quarantine and testing protocols. The rule applies to those who have received a vaccine within 90 days prior to travel.

The announcement came from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday. “New Yorkers have done a tremendous job working to defeat COVID, and we’re gradually loosening restrictions as the numbers reduce and the public health improves,” Cuomo said in a news conference. “It’s clear that if we remain vigilant, we will reach the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Passengers arriving from international airports will still need to abide by the state’s travel regulations. All travelers from outside the US need to be tested within 72 hours of arrival to New York, quarantine for three days, and get tested again on the fourth day.

The ease of travel restrictions is another step in the state’s efforts to resume pre-pandemic life as quickly and safely as possible. In addition to the travel measures, New York also loosened its regulations to allow music venues, arenas, and stadiums to open earlier this month.

On Wednesday, Cuomo also announced that as of March 22, outdoor residential gatherings are allowed to host up to 25 people while non-residential social gatherings can now expand to 100 people indoors and 200 outdoors. Arts and entertainment venues will be allowed to open at a reduced, 33 percent capacity by April 2. The venues will also be able to permit more guests if they provide proof of negative COVID tests.

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