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Versailles Will Host Its First Rave This Summer

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Photo: Mister_Knight/Shutterstock
Eben Diskin
Mar 28, 2019

In its heyday, Versailles was probably the scene of some pretty epic blowouts, but it’s likely that this is the first-ever rave to take place in the former royal palace. Versailles Electro, an event hosted by four DJs — Breakbot x Irfane, Busy P, Myd, and So Me — will take place on the terraces at the foot of the famous Hall of Mirrors and overlooking the French gardens. No doubt that Louis XIV, a lover of lavish parties, would approve.

The electronic music festival is happening on June 8 from 8:00 PM until midnight. Tickets start at $25, and can be purchased via the official website.

To make the most of your visit to Versailles, plan to check out the palace and the grounds before the dancing crowds show up. Consult our guide on how to make the most of a one-day visit to Versailles and get planning.

H/T: Lonely Planet

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