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Hilariously Honest Video Drops Some Truths About Travel Influencers

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by Eben Diskin Sep 26, 2019

If you find yourself constantly drooling over travel videos on Instagram and wondering why your life looks nothing like the dream some travel influencers seem to be living in, here’s some consolation — it’s all a sham. YouTuber Currently Hannah and her friend Just Jess created a video revealing the truth behind viral travel videos, focusing on the question, “What would happen if those influencers were actually honest?” The result is hilarious.

The parody video nails the illusion of the influencer lifestyle, with the narrator saying, “You don’t need a storyline to make your travels look epic. All you need is a voiceover with a soft airy voice, and with the right dramatic pauses…it’ll sound inspirational.”

Other nuggets of tongue-in-cheek wisdom include, “The best shots are the ones where you gaze in wonder at your surroundings,” she continues. “I’m here to fill your feed with slow motion palm trees, white sand, the poolside, my butt, clear water, my eye opening (for some reason), and sand on my butt.”

We’ve all fallen into this trap some point, whether consciously or not, and even Hannah admits that she’s guilty of it.

Hannah effectively captures the sexualization of travel, and the tendency to present a glossed-over, filtered version of life on the road. She astutely points out that airport hassles, lack of sleep, getting lost, and other travel difficulties, are almost never shown, and that some influencers are more focused on inspiring envy than showcasing an authentic experience.

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