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A Flight Attendant’s Safety Demonstration Is Going Viral for His Fire Dance Moves

by Eben Diskin Jul 31, 2018

This Virgin America flight attendant Mikey Tongko-Burry knows that passengers are more likely to pay attention to safety demonstrations when they have a little pizzazz, so he went all out and gave a hilarious performance of Virgin America’s popular, catchy safety instructions.

While Virgin America merged with Alaska Airlines back in January, the Virgin America safety video tradition lives on — at least one final time.

Tongko-Burry turned the aisle into a dance floor as he got passengers psyched about seatbelt safety. It’s not the first time Tongko-Burry’s dance moves during the safety demonstration get captured on video — he was already dancing his heart out in the cabin in 2014. He’s well-known for his performances and has even tried to teach Richard Branson how to pull them off:

Upon its debut, the video received millions of views on YouTube, and educated a whole lot of internet users about airplane safety in the process.

As expected, the video has generated a wide range of reactions from Twitter users, from outpourings of love for Tongko-Burry’s performance, to expressions of profound nostalgia at the song’s discontinuation.

Even Richard Branson loves Tongko-Burry’s sweet moves:

It’s unclear what will replace the popular safety video on Alaska Airlines flights, but whatever it is, it’ll have a tough act to follow.

H/T: Insider

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