KAWASAN FALLS is a three-tiered waterfall located in Badian, Cebu — and well known for its extremely blue water. Visitors can either hike up to the waterfall directly or book a canyoneering tour to explore the nearby canyons.

How to get there

Make your way to the island of Cebu. Flights can be booked from other major cities, both in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The waterfall is 3 hours away from Cebu City. There are direct buses leaving from the South Bus Terminal. Once you get off the bus, it is about a 1-mile walk to the entrance of the falls.

If you are looking to do a canyoneering tour, there are many tour companies to choose from. The tour starts from a small village called Alegria; however, many companies will arrange pickup from whichever city you are staying in on the island.

What to consider when canyoneering

  • All tours should include a life jacket, helmet, waterfall entrance fee, and a licensed guide.
  • The life jackets contain a small pocket so do not bring much with you, as you will need to be mobile.
  • The tour will take anywhere from 2-5 hours, depending on how fast your group is.
  • Water shoes or closed-toe shoes are highly recommended for grip. Sandals or flip flops are too slippery and can too easily fall off.
  • Some tour operators have shoes and dry bags available for rent.

What it will cost

The canyoneering tour is about $30; however, this price may be more, depending on how many people are in your group, and where you are being picked up and dropped off from.

If you are only going to go straight to the waterfall, entrance is about $1. Once you are at the falls, you can also take a raft ride under the falls for about $6. If you would like to spend a night at the falls, there are cottages and rooms available for $20-$50 per night.