A question some have undoubtedly asked more than others is: “How many people are there in the world with my name?” Now, if your name is John Smith, you probably haven’t asked yourself that, to avoid feeling like a small drop in a vast ocean of John Smiths. If you have a more unique name, however, the question has likely crossed your mind. And now, you can get your answer.

The website How Many of Me is helping people all around the US find their namesakes. The site uses data from the 2000 census to help you look up your first and last name, and find others with matching names. According to the website, there are over 151,671 different last names in the US, and 5,163 different first names in common use. It’s not, however, an exact science. “The program returns an estimate based on the available date,” the website says. “It should be considered a ‘ballpark figure.’”

And in case you’re one of the lucky thousands actually named John Smith, you can save yourself the search; there are 47,864 of you in the US. There are also 110 Harry Potters, 1,041 James Bonds, 1,655 people with the first name Daenerys, and 46,344 people named Elsa. So if you were thinking of naming your child after your favorite fictional character — you’re not exactly the first.