A Woman Gave Birth on a Paris Train - Now the Baby Is Getting Free Rides

by Eben Diskin Jun 22, 2018

Ever wondered how to get free train rides? Easy. Just be born on the train. The busy RER A line in Paris was delayed Monday morning due to a woman unexpectedly giving birth on board, at Auber station. Two passengers on the lower level of the double-decker train overheard some commotion upstairs, and on investigating, found a woman wobbling and weakly moaning. They helped her recline, and then — though this probably isn’t how they expected to spend their morning commute — assisted with the birth.

“We laid her down and I just had time to take hold of the baby that was coming into my arms,” Eliane, one of the passengers, told The Local. She added that she was disappointed by the apparent indifference of the other passengers who completely ignored the woman’s distress.

Although the train was delayed for 45 minutes, the electronic schedules at the train stations were updated with surprising accuracy. “Unexpected baby,” was listed as the cause of the delay. Emergency services tended to the mother and her new baby and soon afterwards, the train line’s official Twitter announced that the child would be able to ride the train for free until age 25.

The incident has Twitter users dreaming about other desirable places to be born, and the potential benefits.

Although the perks of being born on an airplane seem enticing right about now, please don’t purposely fly while heavily pregnant. It probably won’t be as rewarding as you think.

H/T: Insider

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