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This Remote Island Will Give You a Cottage if You Move There and Work at the Pub

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by Eben Diskin Aug 2, 2019

Aspiring island dwellers in need of a job should look no further than this small island in the United Kingdom. The island of Lundy, located 11 miles off the coast of North Devon in England, is looking to hire two couples to work at the only local pub, the Marisco Tavern, and take care of the island’s general maintenance. The good news is that each of the couples will receive their own cottage to live in, and the not-so-good news is that the pub is always open (like, it never closes).

The Marisco Tavern is the only building on the island — which is only three miles in length and half-a-mile wide — to have lighting after the generators shut down for the night. The pub also remains open all night so people can use the payphone or take shelter from the rain, so applicants should expect to work around the clock.

Unsurprisingly, the pub is the main meeting spot for the island’s residents, so applicants must be looking to become part of a tight-knit community. Island manager Rob Waterfield told the BBC that the pub is a “massive part of the community” and that “everyone meets up, everyone goes. It is a really old-fashioned way of living.”

Details of the job posting are available on The Landmark Trust’s website. If you’re not interested in getting a job but would like to visit this unique island, you can take a day trip to Lundy thanks to the island’s ferry — there’s plenty of wildlife to observe and monuments to visit, such as a Medieval castle, a Georgian lighthouse, the Victorian Church of St. Helen, and more.

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