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The World’s Coolest Streets in 2021, Ranked

by Olivia Harden Jun 15, 2021

Cool cities start with neighborhoods, and cool neighborhoods start with cool streets. The publication Time Out is known for ranking the greatest cities and coolest neighborhoods each year. But in 2021, as people have been staying close to their homes this year, it was worth trying to figure out the coolest streets in the world.

To figure it out, Time Out quizzed 27,000 residents of neighborhoods from across the world on four different criteria for their suggestion of the coolest street: food, fun, culture, and community. The publication also tapped into its extensive network of editors worldwide to dig deeper into what each street offered. After thorough research, Time Out was able to narrow it down to 30 must-see streets. Here are the top three.

1. Smith Street — Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne,,Australia,-,February,8,,2015:,Old,Collingwood,Post,Office, coolest streets

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The top spot for coolest street in the world went to Smith Street in Melbourne, Australia. The review highlighted the bars and food scene, which included approachable fine dining, independent stores, gay bars, and live music.

2. Passeig de Sant Joan — Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona,,Spain,-,March,31,,2013:,View,Of,The,Passeig, coolest streets

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Time Out applauded how diverse the different sectors of Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona, Spain, branched off into, from trendy to traditional. But perhaps the coolest part of the street is its commitment to going green, encouraging walking and cycling using dedicated lanes, wide sidewalks, and lots of greenery.

3. South Bank — London, England

London.,September,2018.,A,View,Of,A,Colorful,Yogurt,Store, coolest streets

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The bronze medal winner was South Bank in London, England. The review highlighted that South Bank is made up of all the best parts of London’s atmosphere but never gives up its “idiosyncratic buzz.”

Here are the rest of Time Out’s 10 coolest streets around the world:

  1. Smith Street — Melbourne, Australia
  2. Passeig de Sant Joan — Barcelona, Spain
  3. South Bank — London, UK
  4. San Isidro — Havana, Cuba
  5. Sunset Boulevard — Los Angeles, USA
  6. Witte de Withstraat — Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  7. Rua Três Rios — São Paulo, Brazil
  8. Haji Lane — Singapore
  9. Rua Rodrigues de Faria — Lisbon, Portugal
  10. Calle Thames — Buenos Aires, Argentina

Head to its website to see the top 30.

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