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Data Reveals the Worst Days and Times to Travel on Memorial Day Weekend

by Eben Diskin May 24, 2019

Memorial Day is approaching, and many Americans are getting ready to take their first vacation of the summer. This year is poised to see a spike in Memorial Day travel, with 1.5 million more people hitting the road for the holiday than last year, according to AAA’s tracking data. In all, there will be about 37.6 million road travelers. Highways are bound to be congested, but these delays are avoidable if you know exactly when to travel. Enter INRIX, a traffic analytics company that has created a list of the worst days and times to travel this weekend.

Memorial Day traffic data

Photo: AAA

“Drivers in the most congested metros should expect much worse times than normal,” Trevor Reed, transportation analyst at INRIX, told AAA. “Travelers should anticipate delays to start on Wednesday and continue through Memorial Day. Our advice to drivers is to avoid the morning and evening commuting times or plan alternate routes.”

If you’re still figuring out where to go for Memorial Day and want to avoid any traffic, it may also be a good idea to avoid this year’s top-booked destinations. According to advance AAA travel bookings, the top five cities this year are Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, Honolulu, and Anaheim.

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