YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners successfully pulled off a practical joke where they listed a fancy dollhouse on Airbnb and got real bookings. In a video posted on March 31, the duo revealed to the arriving guests that what they thought was an 18th century mansion was in fact, a dollhouse.

The Airbnb listing was priced at $120 per night. Pieters and Manners received over $3,000 in bookings while the listing was active. Their joke was documented in an eight-and-a-half-minute video showing the entire process, from taking high-resolution photos of the dollhouse to listing it on the booking platform to receiving notifications of bookings.

Airbnb dollhouse

Photo: What’s My Place Worth,” which aims to help new hosts set their prices and start their business on the platform, in anticipation of a big travel demand this year.