Why Mexico's Coach Is the Winner of the World Cup

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by Matt Hershberger Jun 25, 2014
THE GREAT THING about the World Cup is that it doesn’t have just one winner. Sure, there’s only one team that wins the trophy, but there are dozens of smaller victories that make the tournament infinitely more enjoyable. There are the Japanese fans that defined classy by cleaning up after their loss to the Ivory Coast. There’s the Norwegian man who won $920 for betting that Luis Suarez would bite someone during the tournament. And there are the American fans who are still blissfully unaware of Clint Dempsey’s nascent rap career.

But the biggest winner in this World Cup so far is Miguel Herrera, the Mexican team’s head coach. Why? Because he can’t. Stop. Losing. His. Shit.

Here’s Herrera during the Mexico v. Croatia match when the refs didn’t call a handball:

Via Slate

And here’s Herrera celebrating Mexico’s first and second goal:

Via Slate

Via Slate

This isn’t new behavior for Herrera, he’s just had a far lower profile until now. Here’s from when he coached at Club America:

Via r103tr

Let’s hope Mexico’s awesome performance during this World Cup means that Herrera is here to stay. If he’s not, god only knows what he’ll do.

Via Slate

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