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Modern Day Ninjas: 5 Athletes With Ridiculous Skill Levels

by David Miller Jun 4, 2009
These 5 athletes have pushed their natural athletic ability and training to levels that almost seem absurd.
Damien Walter

This dude remixes parkour and gymnastics into some next level shit. To me the most amazing thing of this whole reel isn’t how he jumps over cars or gaps between buildings but @ 1:53 how he goes from a seated meditation position to backflip in a single flow. Damn.

Rodney Mullen

For people who don’t much about skating: virtually ever street trick you see kids doing was invented by Rodney Mullen.

Julien Dupont

Those wall rides (@1:10) look so damn fun.

Kelly Slater

For most people, surfing probably doesn’t look all that impressive unless somebody is pulling into some huge barrel or boosting a massive air. But just watching the level of control Kelly Slater has on these chest-high waves at Rincon is almost more insane. Check the sequence of turns from :50 to 1:00.

Emily Jackson

Emily is only 18 and already a world kayaking champion several times over. Check the kickflip at :42.

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