11 Beautiful Photos to Make You Wonder Why You Haven't Visited Jordan Yet

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by Michael Bonocore Jun 11, 2015

Earlier this week, Matador’s new film, Jordan from the Air, gave us a bird’s-eye view of Jordan, a Middle Eastern country best known for the historic city Petra. Besides this location, made famous for its appearance in the film Indian Jones and the Last Crusade, Jordan is a country filled with mountains, rivers, deserts, and cities that are home to an up-and-coming art scene.

1. Petra by night

2. Wadi Rum Desert

3. Snow in Al Salt

4. The ancient city of Jarash

5. The unique people

6. The Dead Sea

7. The Monastery — Petra

8. Amman

9. The road to Wadi Rum

10. Ancient Roman ruins

11. Long and winding roads

Jordan from the Air

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