Author’s note: I was invited on a press trip for a long weekend in San Francisco through Adventures by Disney. I never thought of myself as a Disney person, but their trip involved not one commercialized princess and just happened to be super geared toward all fun family activities. I can recommend Adventures by Disney highly — and my opinions are all my own.

1. Realize that being silently in awe at something can be more rewarding than posting it online. Redwoods are the kind of trees that will make your kids actually appreciate trees.

Take a Hike along the #PacificCoastHighway #pch #redwoods @burtonsnowboards #burtonblog #burtongirls

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2. Be fascinated and creeped out at the same time by the freaky cool things you can buy at Fisherman’s Wharf.

3. See that not all insanely talented artists end up at museums.

4. Race up the famously exhausting San Francisco streets to get a new appreciation of trolley cars. Loser buys hot chocolate.

We can complain or we can conquer. #motivationmonday #mcm #mipsf #mipworldwide #sfhills #runsf

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5. Feel all dramatic hanging off the side of a real trolley car.

They had to do it. #sftrolley

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6. Show some love to Master Yoda at the Lucasfilm Campus.

Best find ever! #nerds #starwars #yoda #fountain #awesome #sanfrancisco #springbreak2016

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7. Head to Silverado Vineyard to get an early appreciation for how wine grapes grow. Parents, indulge a bit while your kids are busy blending custom olive oil.

Closing out the evening on the club terrace. Happy Saturday!

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8. Take a ferry. Somewhere. Anywhere. Because there will be no bad view of the city.

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9. Go find your new favorite beach. If you’re lucky you might just have it all to yourself.

Peace & Love!! ✌🏼️❤️.. Happy Earth Weekend!!.. 🌎🌱♻️ .. 👉🏼 @telegraphaveshop 2 of 4📷 #sfkids

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10. See if you can tandem bike with your partner without arguing once. Good luck.

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11. Day trip to picnic on Angel Island.

12. Make a point to go over the bridge. And then go under the bridge.

Join us for a late night trip under the bay bridge. #citykayak #kayak #kayaking #baybridge #sanfrancisco

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