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13 Things You Have to Do to Claim You've Visited Detroit

by Nicole Sunderland Sep 26, 2016

1. Visit Motown Historical Museum – some of the most legendary musicians came from here like Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, the Jackson Five, and many more. Detroit IS Motown.

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2. Ride the people mover – we know it’s slow, but it’s what you do when you come to Detroit. You ride the loop to see the Renaissance Center, Joe Louis Arena and Greektown…before you go and eat all the food there.

3. Visit Hamtramck – the Heidelberg Project and Disneyland are staples in this neighborhood. Both collections of random items turned into art, you could spend an entire morning walking around looking at everything.

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4. Eat a coney dog – but not just anywhere .. at American Coney Island because they are the best! And they are the best because of the way they are made – to perfection.

5. Take in a local game – Tigers, Red Wings, Lions, Pistons…we are diehard fans and you will never experience anything like it. Even when we lose games, and sometimes it is frequent, we still show our state love and pride for our teams. You won’t see us leaving the game crying, but patting backs, shaking hands and saying we’ll do better next time.

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6. View two countries at once – while visiting Belle Isle Park, you can see both Detroit and Windsor on each side of the lake.

7. Eat your way through Greektown – think baklava, gyros, fresh pita .. the smells will suck you in!

8. See live music – it is everywhere! Bars, music halls, outside – after all, we ARE Motown and we love music. Grab a beer and enjoy your evening.

9. You had a bag of Better Made Chips and a Rock & Rye – both made in Detroit and staple snack items. Or as we say, the best chips and pop around.

10. Visit Campus Martius Park – One of the best parks in the city – hosting movies and music in the summer and a skating rink in the winter.

11. Visit the old Tigers stadium – it’s abandoned and hauntingly beautiful. Run the bases and feel like you are in the early 1900’s.

12. Take in the art – from beautiful murals in Eastern Market to the Detroit Institute of Arts, there is no shortage of art in the city.

13. You went to Canada – you just had to be a rebel and head over to Canada for the night to say that you “went to Canada” once…but that is an entirely different article.

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