15 Reasons Quebec Is the Most Underrated Province in Canada

by Katie Scott Aiton Nov 20, 2015

QUEBEC is a predominantly French-speaking province in eastern Canada. Canada’s largest province is also one of the most multicultural and diverse. Unlike any other jurisdiction in North America, Québec has one of the most unique cultural combinations of old-world meets new-world, English meets French. Although the majority of inhabitants live in urban areas near the Saint Lawrence River between Montreal and Québec City, there’s a wealth of landscape to explore. Here’s a selection of must-see locations in the province.

1. Gaspé Peninsula

Gaspe Peninsula by Mathieu Dupuis on 500px.com

2. Québec City

Cold Quebec 2015 by Pierre Ruel on 500px.com

3. Gatineau Park

Morning at Gatineau Park by Zhongmin Li on 500px.com

4. Montmorency Falls

 Montmorency Falls #3 by Magnus Larsson on 500px.com

5. North-of-Quebec near Chibougamau, Rainbow lodge

Rainbow lodge sunrise by Mathieu Dupuis on 500px.com

6. Hôtel de Glace

IceBar by D Cazal on 500px.com

7. Laurentian in fall

An Autumn Dream by Fotodoro  on 500px.com

8. Lac Boivin, Granby

Les oies s

9. Mont-Mégantic National Park

OMM - Mont Megantic Observatory by Sébastien Trudeau-Dion on 500px.com

10. Sunrise at Cap Bon Ami, Forillon National Park

Cap Bon Ami by Mathieu Dupuis on 500px.com

11. Magdalen Islands

Vestiges by pndt photo on 500px.com

12. Parc de la Rivière-du-Moulin

The river Du Moulin in November.
11/05/2014 by Normand Gaudreault on 500px.com

13. Mont-Tremblant, Laurentian mountains

Misty Morning at Mont-Tremblant by Jocelyne Feizo on 500px.com

14. Aura Borealis Kamouraska

Empreinte lumineuse. by Denis Dumoulin on 500px.com

15. Chaudron mountain, Abitibi-Temiscamingue

Magic Night by Mathieu Dupuis on 500px.com

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