19 Reasons You Should Never Visit Honduras

by Henry Leonel Cárcamo Macoto Jun 1, 2016
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1. Imagine having to choose between visiting the biggest coral reef in the Americas…

2. Or Copan Mayan Ruins known as “The Athens of the Mayan world” for its detailed architecture…

moni & maya #ruins #honduras #sun

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3. But you want to visit a beach, right? And you are worried that there is nothing you’d like in Honduras.

Sin palabras….West Bay, Roatán. Foto de Daniel Gandeur. #Honduras #Roatan #WestBay #BayIslands #Beach #HondurasIsGreat

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4. That even if you search and search, you cannot find that paradisiac beach you’ve been dreaming of since you were born…

5. And that you cannot achieve your dream of diving with whale sharks…

6. Or swimming with dolphins…

7. Or learning about the world’s biggest sea turtle…

8. At the end, believe me, you will have the problem all Honduran people have when we want to go to the beach…

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9. Besides, I can tell you that in El Lago de Yojoa (Lake Yojoa), the biggest in Honduras, you can find over 407 bird species. A true exaggeration! We hope returning home is not hard after being surprised with so much biodiversity in less than 50 km2…

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10. And Tegucigalpa? Isn’t it too gray?

11. It’s best to avoid big cities, but…will there be a small town that inspires you with only their views, their vegetation, and sunsets?

12. We have one of the highest canopies in Central America from which you can see under your feet a canon of over 300 meters in height. Oh, but by the way, you did want to do something so very exciting…


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13. We will always offer you a cup of the world’s best coffee…But you are phobic of so much hospitality; maybe you will make new friends, how dangerous!

14. I am warning you, you will not be able to handle out warmth…you will soon believe you have found your family miles from home…Indeed my friend, it would be hard to leave us!

15. Will there be something good to eat?

Que tal un par de hojuelas?

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16. Or to ease the heat?

Sabía que en Gracias hacen paletas de mango verde? #VisitGracias

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17. You love animals and are afraid that in Honduras you will not find something exciting enough…

18. I am warning you: The Mountains in Lempira have the most beautiful sunsets in the world. How are you going to leave?

Los atardeceres en las montañas de Lempira son fabulosos #VisitGracias

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19. My conclusion is: You better not come to our beautiful Honduras! Don’t risk falling in love for the rest of your life…

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