50 Inspirational Matador Travelers: 1-10

by Bailey Ash Sep 18, 2008
Matador is the world’s first interactive magazine for travel, lifestyle, and place.

Matador members believe they can change the world, and they’re out there doing it every day.

Sure, we publish the same sorts of articles you find in print publications, but these articles are just window-dressing. The editor in me cringes, but it’s true.

But no matter what we write, the most important part of Matador is the community. Whenever I need a little stoke, I browse Matador member profiles. I’m always awed by the sheer human optimism in this remarkable community.

Thank you so much for inspiring us.

Here are 10 incredible members of the Matador community. To meet the other 40 featured travelers, please follow the links at the bottom of this page.


Follow your dreams, transform your life… Perform your miracles. Cure. Make prophecies. Listen to your guardian angel. Transform yourself. Be a warrior, and be happy as you wage the good fight. Take risks.

Flavia’s full profile


My ideal place to watch the sunrise would be the South Pole, where it takes a month to rise so I won’t miss it when I sleep in.

Grady’s full profile


As a young, working expat, I’m constantly exploring with open eyes and ears. I use my journalism degree as an excuse to carry my camera around like a tourist. I want to do it all, document it all and pull it all into a book.

Matador can provide me a great forum to share Andalucia and help me put all of my ideas and experiences to print.

Cataroo318’s full profile

NZ Josh

6th generation kiwi, born and bred. I live for every hour not spent at work. My kind of fun is hurling yourself down pure juice oceanic waves, and into the abyss generally, laughing when IT hits the fan and bloody stoked when it doesn’t!

NZ Josh’s full profile


I stand somewhere between the Beats, Warhol’s Factory, and the streets. I was born in the South, spent my formative years as the daughter of a military man in the California desert, and was finally brought up as a Midwest girl- living in Suburbia on the fringes of a post-industrial, lost city.

My life has great meaning- I just haven’t quite figured it out yet. Il me semble que suis toujours heureux ou je ne suis pas- still, though, I can’t complain.

Sublime’s full profile


Now I’m in Sofia, Bulgaria, one of my homelands. Things have changed from the hot,carefree, party vibe that was taking over my last two weeks here. The weather is cold, its the first day of school for all the young people and the city streets are crawling with bubbling chaos.

Only for me, its not the first day of school just yet – I’m getting ready to do a year abroad in Madrid , Spain in a week.

Malkatajanka117’s full profile


I am a biomedical engineer who has chosen the nomadic life over wasting away in a cubicle crunching numbers. I now lead cycling tours for a living. I will never stop travelling but would love to have a place of my own to come back to someday.

I love to paint when I have a place to spread out. Running is my release. I speak French, Spanish, and am learning Italian…ah, romance languages. Oh, and I make a mean chocolate chip cookie!

KTMay’s full profile


I want to make a difference by being active in my community in cleaning up our oceans and environment, educating people toward making smarter consumer and lifestyle choices, like recycling, driving less and walking and cycling more, eating better foods, using reusable bags and baskets for shopping, being kind to each other and to other life on earth, recognizing that plants and other animals have as legitimate a reason for being here as we do, helping people to see the remarkable beauty of the earth and of human diversity and to appreciate their culture and others’ cultures more…

Beebe’s full profile

Jenn Miller

I want to make a difference by raising my kids to be world citizens, encouraging other families to shut off the box, get out of the box and live their lives instead of watching them go by.

Jenn Miller’s full profile


I want to make a difference by going to the places that scare me both literally and figuratively, learning to to embrace the uncertainty of life and to never stop questioning.

Vapintar’s full profile

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