Beyond Chichen Itza: 5 Fascinating Ruins in the Yucatan

by Claugiann y Giovanni May 20, 2016
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1. Kabah

Kabah, the “Mighty Hand” is one of the few cities in the ancient Mayan world that retains its original name (it is mentioned in the Chilam Balam), and is one of the most enigmatic and beautiful archaeological sites in the Yucatan.

Kabah has not been fully restored, so besides walking between magnificent buildings you can also venture into the jungle and discover impressive structures still halfway hidden in the undergrowth.

Kabah is the second largest ruin of the Puuc | FEB 2016

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2. Sayil

In the “Puuc Route” in addition to Kabah, it is Sayil, a stunning city that once was inhabited by thousands of people and that includes in its original alignment other unexplored settlements as Sayil-Sodzil, Xcavil of Yaxché, Chac and the Cave of Chac.

The Puuc is a baroque architectural style, complex and beautiful, and eerily stunning to witness within the jungle.

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3. Labná

Along with Sayil Uxmal and Kabah, Labná is part of the Puuc Zone and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

4. Oxkintok

Oxkintok, the “City of Three Cutting Suns” was once one of the most important settlements in the area and probably the oldest city in the Puuc region.

Here you can find the only Mayan labyrinth still standing in the Yucatan Peninsula. The building is called Tza Tun Tzat (or Satunsat), which means “place to get lost”. You can go around and try your luck figuring it out.

Explorando Yucatán #maxcanu #oxkintok entrada al #xibalba #cueva

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5. Chacmultún

Chacmultún means in Mayan “Mounds of Red Stone” because of the pink color of the carved blocks lining and decorating the facades of its buildings.Chacmultún was alive for over a thousand years. Today it’s very rarely visited compared to the rest of the pre-Hispanic Mayan cities. Chances are you will have it all to yourself.

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