Destination Expert: Thailand

by Hal Amen Dec 7, 2009
Handstand in Bangkok

Photos: pranaforce

If you’re new to Trips, here’s how this works: most Mondays we like to feature a name from the ranks of Matador’s destination experts. Today, Thailand.

A Matador community member since the early days, pranaforce is our resident go-to for all things Thailand. In his own words:

I’ve been known to take off to Thailand quite a bit, though I don’t feel like an expert in my knowledge of the land of Thai’s I do feel I’ve experienced enough to give ya’ll a pretty cool perspective of where to go depending on what you’re looking to do/experience for yourself.

Diving, trekking, climbing, yoga, meditation, food, shopping, clubbing, fun scenes from downtown BKK to isolated islands with other truth seekers on the path. Let me know if I can help and I’ll do my best to assist in anyway I can. Be well~

Here’s a little more about pranaforce:

About me: Gangsta sums it up!
I’m fired up on: Punjabi, the suns energy, oceanic endeavors, punjabi.. oh and yoga; )
Why I travel: To learn as much as I can.. and teach all that I learn
Let’s collaborate: and listen!

To read more, or to pose your questions about the land of smiles, join the community and visit pranaforce’s Matador profile.

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Matador has so much good content on Thailand. I could list my favorites, but why don’t you just check out our Thailand Focus page and choose your own?

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