Meet an Expert: Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Travel
by Hal Amen Oct 12, 2009

Photos: smalldogonthego

“I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the country!”

Travel journalist and videographer Allison, a.k.a. smalldogonthego, has a history with the Dominican Republic going back to 2001, when she lived on the island while working on a baseball documentary.

She hasn’t been able to let go since:

I’m currently involved with a children’s non-profit…and have made a number of trips into the countryside and all over the island.

My areas of expertise would probably be Dominican baseball, Dominican food, the history of the country, getting off the beaten path, good shopping, and larimar (my favorite stone, found only in the Dominican Republic!).

Here’s a little more about this week’s featured expert:

About me: My travel essentials: yoga pants, hiking boots, running shoes, my video camera and my dog.
Languages spoken, other than English: Spanish, Italian.
I’m fired up on: adventure travel, filmmaking, yoga, running, volunteer tourism, my dog, the American Southwest, writing, working for The Travel Channel and doing what I love most!
Why I travel: because the world becomes my classroom

Visit Allison’s Matador profile to find out what you need to know before visiting the DR, or maybe just to ask about “running in the 7th inning sausage race at Milwaukee’s Miller Park dressed as a Bavarian sausage.”

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