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by Carlo Alcos May 18, 2009
Lisaopia receiving mountain holy water

Lisaopia receiving mountain holy water / All photos: lisaopia

In addition to providing the stunning photography in today’s Photo Essay: Ethiopia, lisaopia is also Matador’s Ethiopia destination expert.
Lisaopia and her family in Debra Lebanos

Lisaopia and her family in Debra Lebanos

Lisaopia’s Ethiopian heritage introduced her to traveling and culture at a young age. Armed with a BA in Journalism and Media Studies from Rutgers University, she traveled the world for seven months after graduation.

She’s had her photography and writing published at Pilot Guides and Escape Artist. In addition, she currently has photos exhibited at her local library and artist guild.

Lisaopia’s family owns and operates Hess Travel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

More background on Lisaopia:

I felt the most immersed in a foreign culture when: I was humbly invited to a Moroccan wedding by people I’d only known for a week. They gave me a traditional dress to wear and the celebration was 4 crazy nights. The last night we were following a band playing in the streets at 4 am. It’s the night when the groom meets his bride; then there was a caravan of cars riding along the shore at dawn in celebration.

When I was at my aunt’s funeral in Ethiopia and the paid mourners made me cry.

Who I’d like to meet on my travels: anyone……

Before I die I’d like to: Spend my last dollar on a trip to remind me how lucky I was to live life and hope to take my husband or some friends with me to enjoy

If you’d like to connect with Lisaopia to get some tips on visiting Ethiopia, or if you just wanna say hi, visit her Matador profile.


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