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by Hal Amen Aug 31, 2009

Photos: Jason Rezaian

Jason Rezaian isn’t just Matador’s destination expert on Iran — he does this for a living.

Ever had a travel question you wanted answered about Iran? This is your lucky day. Long-time Matador member Jason Rezaian happens to be our destination expert on the country, and he comes to us well qualified.

In his own words:

I assist journalists as well as private citizens in their travel plans for Iran, and I would love to answer any questions you may have.

How’s that for an invitation?

Here’s a little more about this week’s expert:

Favorite places I’ve been: Esfahan, Iran. Bangkok. New York City. Musee Rodin, Paris. Havana.
Languages spoken, other than English: Farsi and Spanish
I felt the most immersed in a foreign culture when: Getting my drycleaning done in Tehran.

Jason has shared his experiences here on Matador in the article A Common Language: Discovering Baseball in Iran, and he blogs about expat life in the country for the San Francisco Chronicle website.

He’s also writer and executive producer of a documentary titled “A World Between.”

Got questions? All you have to do is click over to Jason’s Matador profile and send him a message.

For more on his professional services, visit Iran Media Service.

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Don’t forget, we’re always looking to expand our roster of destination experts. If you think you’ve got what it takes, read this forum post about how to apply.

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