Meet an Expert: Martha's Vineyard, USA

by Hal Amen Jun 8, 2009
Jumping off the Jaws bridge in Martha's Vineyard

Photos: Travellohr

Just in time for the East Coast summer travel push, we bring you Matador’s expert on a classic seaside destination: Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

If you’re planning a visit to the Vineyard this summer, Matador member Travellohr can give you the lowdown on the local scene. As she says:

I’m there every year, riding my bike from town to town, hanging out on the many beaches, and getting into the island’s lifestyle.

Here’s a little more on this week’s featured expert:

About me: A trip to Israel led me – finally!!! – to the realization of what I want to do with my life – write about my travels. This, happily, requires me to travel more than I used to. I was blessed to start getting published soon after I began writing. And I’ve yet to explore most of the world.

Why I travel: I am acutely aware that I live in just one small speck of our huge world. If I’m not exploring it, I’m wasting it.

Favorite places I’ve been: Israel; Germany; Venice, Italy; Wales; London, England

Travellohr also started an intense discussion on the Matador community blog pages by asking, Is Domestic Travel “Real” Travel? – What do you think?

Find the above information and more in her Matador profile.

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