Meet an Expert: Saigon

by Hal Amen Aug 3, 2009

All photos: joshywashington

Rice-wine shooter, roadtripper, and Matador editor Josh Johnson is also destination expert for Vietnam’s ex-capital city.

Josh Johnson (aka joshywashington) is a man of many talents.

In addition to being a contributing editor at the Traveler’s Notebook — where he’s recently wowed us with his video, mountain photography, and watercolor skills — he fills his downtime by fielding travelers’ questions as our destination expert on Saigon.

Hearing him talk about the heart of southern Vietnam is enough to make you start browsing airfare:

Crossed the border from Cambodia at Chao Dok five months ago and have managed to infiltrate Saigon. I teach and even now still wander around this blessed city in awe. The Vietnamese people are some of the friendliest, proudest, most resourceful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. It has been a blast.

And you definitely don’t want to miss All Aboard!, his tale of rice wine and jolly fishermen off the coast of Hoi An.

Here’s some more about Josh:

About me: I love to write, read, blog, shoot video, photograph, converse, and create. I want to establish a global community with the aim of gleaning knowledge from each other, supporting each other in our endeavors. I want ours to be the generation that turns this thing around. VivA I can see it! Victory!

Travel style: Seat O my britches kinda travel! I’ve suffered from ill preparation at times but no matter where I find myself I’m always glad to be there. Have only had the pleasure of sleeping on the street 4 times. That kinda travel.

Let’s collaborate: I want to create videos for webtv, Travel with a small crew and pitch our material. I want to host podcasts from around the globe. I want to write, film and go, go, go! Drop me a line if traveling and filming sounds good.

Josh also wants you to know that if you’re on the search for info about Saigon, he’s your guy. All you need to do is click over to his Matador profile and get in touch.

And make sure to check out his media company, Confluence Creative Media, dedicated to “the collaboration of creative energy, worldwide.”

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