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The Best New Hotels, for "Less"

by Hal Amen Nov 13, 2009 profiles 31 of the world’s newest, most “affordable” hotels. But can a rate cap of $150/night really be considered budget?

Their list of “World’s Best Affordable Hotels” takes on five continents (though heavily weighted towards the U.S.) and nightly rates from $40 to $150.

I’m not familiar with Budget Travel, but I know if I clicked over expecting to get the scoop on cheap hotels, $150 price tags would be pretty disappointing — no matter how many Mongolian yurt spas or swimming pool waterfalls were promised me.

Short of a press trip, I can’t envision ever staying at Hotel Contempo in Managua, Nicaragua, for $130/night. Budget Travel recommends it for its teak furniture and a staff who can arrange day trips to an eco-reserve. My guess is you could get the same at a $10/bed hostel.

Only a handful of the 31 picks are even under $100, and half of these are in Southeast Asia.

Ranting aside…

A couple entries stood out (in a good way):

* El Cortez Cabana Suites, Las Vegas: A renovated motel, close to the Strip, with rooms from $42.

* Camping de Bordeaux Lac, France: One-bedroom lakeside cottages from $50. Sounds sweet.

* The Pearl Hotel, San Diego: Classic films screened weekly by the pool, rooms from $79.

Also, fans of the boutique hostel might want to check out Oops!, located near Paris’s Latin Quarter.

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What’s the upper limit of your “affordable”? Have any favorite places that fit the bill? Let us know in the comments.

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