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Where to Pole Dance on All 7 Continents

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by Katka Lapelosová Mar 29, 2013

I’m an avid pole dance practitioner. Aside from the sex appeal, it’s also the greatest workout I’ve ever experienced. Most of the places I’ve traveled to have pole studios where I’ve taken classes, but I wanted to know if it was possible to pole dance on all 7 continents. The results are surprisingly extensive — here are some of the best:

North America

Le Femme Suite, New York City, New York
This Harlem studio offers classes for no more than 8 dancers at a time, meaning my pole needs were definitely addressed. After a sexy warm-up, I learned three new techniques covering spins, climbs, and floorwork. Ladies wishing to dedicate more time to studying pole dance can enroll in their long-term seminars, which culminate in a private show for your special someone.

South America

Academia de Pole Dance da Bahia, Salvador, Brazil
Brazilians are basically the hottest people on Earth, so their pole dance studios can happily bypass sex appeal as a promotional tool. Instead, places like Academia de Pole Dance da Bahia emphasize building confidence and help students respect their bodies. So now we all know that Brazilians will take over the world by producing a beautiful, smart, athletically inclined, and self-assured citizenry. Academia de Pole Dance da Bahia is just one of their many launch pads.


Pink School, Paris, France
SHUT UP I LOVE ANYTHING PINK! Especially pole studios. I don’t even have to be good at swinging around the pole — being surrounded by gorgeous, giggling French dancers is enough to make me feel sexy by association. Pink School pushes erotic dance beyond the pole with burlesque classes, and some classes incorporate props (think feather boas, platform shoes, and wigs).


Bobbi’s Pole Studio, Singapore
Think pole dancing is just for chicks? Hell no! Bobbi’s Pole Studio makes a good effort to ensure even curious males get a chance to swing their stuff. After all, take away the sexy aspects of it and pole dancing is really just gymnastics on a vertical bar. Linna Tan, Director of Bobbi’s Pole Studio, is rumored to have brought the art of pole dancing to Singapore and is very active in promoting the activity throughout Asia.


BodyMind Studios, Cape Town, South Africa
BodyMind Studios has a few locations in the larger cities of South Africa, and their methodology is similar to what you’d find elsewhere. What sets them apart is their involvement in Miss Pole Dance South Africa. The aim of the competition is to promote pole dancing as not only an erotic pastime, but a sport that utilizes creativity and expresses strength in a unique way. Students from BodyMind Studios compete for the title with their unique displays of “technique, flexibility, grace, agility and sexiness.” And yes, admission is open to the public.


Lady Love Pole Dance Studio, Adelaide
Lady Love is a studio for hardcore pole dancers. Students here take their pole dancing seriously, and the proof is in their perfectly sculpted bodies. I went to Lady Love for a Hen Night and got to dress up in sassy costumes, drink champagne, and enjoy a private session at the studio. You’re free to dress as you like for their regular classes, but my suggestion is to invest in lots of patent leather and thigh-high boots.


The South Pole
I’m sure there’s a porno about it somewhere. Let us hear it in the comments if you know more.

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