7 Animals That Like to Play With IPads

by Joshywashington Dec 31, 2011
I don’t have an iPad but some monkey in a purple diaper does?

HUMANS AREN’T THE ONLY ANIMALS that love to play Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds, we share the planet with at least seven other creatures that love to geek out on their tablets too. This is a brave new world indeed when giant African bull frogs are playing Ant Crusher on the kitchen tables of Korea. I ask you friends, what is next?

Bull frog plays Ant Crusher
This awesome froggy crushes ants on an iPhone like the ass kicking amphibian he is! Rise of the Planet of the African Bull Frogs?

Parrotlet plays iPad piano app
Parrotlets are a group of the smallest New World parrot species and they are not very good pianists.

Husky sings with iPad
Mishka is a kinda creepy, kinda majestic virtuoso who croons and yodels to an annoying iPad track. It is weird and awesome and I salute you if you make it all the way through this video.

Capuchin monkey plays Angry Birds on iPad
Well playing isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind but the diapered primate was certainly getting a kick out of smacking the tablet around.

Tiny bonobo plays with iPad

A flailing, tottering baby bonobo is just about the cutest darn thing you can hope to see. But the incessant repetition of the childhood standard ‘Old McDonald’ quickly began to splinter my sanity.

Cat destroys Fruit Ninja on an iPad
Kitty ninja slices and dices with extreme prejudice!

Baby genius plays with his iPad
While maybe not technically animals, 2 year old’s are close enough for me. The trade off for watching this super baby genius geek out on his tablet is you have to suffer the narrative diatribe of his proud father behind the camera.

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