8 Must-Watch "How to" Videos for Travelers

by Joshywashington Jul 31, 2010

No matter how intrepid and seasoned we may be, all travelers have a thing or two they can learn. Class is in session!

How to be a tech savvy traveler

This day and age most people travel with a gaggle of gadgets. Being a blogger or video producer only complicates the matter. Deciding what to leave at home and what to lug around the world can be a tough choice.

How to pack for a 12 month trip

You bought your ticket and have dog eared your guide book, but what do you pack? If you are like me, you suffer from chronic over-packing and could stand to leave half of what you bring behind. Packing for a year makes you ask, “What is essential? What can I live without?”

How to board a plane in a wheelchair

What ever challenges you, be it fear of flying, vision impairment or physical restrictions, don’t give up your dreams of traveling the world. Easier said than done, but taking the leap and facing down challenges can be a gateway to a stronger and more fulfilled self.

How to pick a backpack

It doesn’t have to be the costliest backpack to be the best backpack for your needs. A balance between comfort, size and design should be struck. And if you are planning on putting a lot of wear and tear on your pack you need to make sure it can take a beating! Find a pack that fits your budget, your body and your style of travel.

How to de-stress while traveling

Perhaps one of the best ways to dispel stress is to practice meditation. Meditation can be as simple as bringing awareness to your breathe and sitting still. Enjoy the journey more by remaining physically centered and emotionally sound, your traveling partner will appreciate it!

How to shut your seat mate up

Being a gregarious fellow traveler is an important skill to cultivate. To some it comes naturally, but for many dealing with strangers that rub us the wrong way can be a challenge. Especially when you are stuck next to them for a 12 hour bus ride! What is your favorite technique for politely dealing with annoying travel mates?

How to wrap a Moroccan shesh

Involving yourself in another culture means adopting new ways of dress, new cuisine and perhaps a new way of looking at the world. This can be as simple as sitting down to a meal that is utterly foreign to you or donning a new article of clothing. It can be as complicated as total cultural immersion or marrying a person from a vastly different culture.

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