Lindsay’s Favorite Travel Videos of 2010

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by Lindsay Clark Dec 17, 2010
Being a travel media addict myself, a week’s work for MatadorTV feels like inspiring research – time well spent viewing others’ stories from around the world.

As an intern, I find innovative work in the nooks and cranneys of the web and place them side-by-side with others, as if to applaud them and simultaneously say, “This is how we do it, world” like only Montell Jordan can.

The days of simply snapping mundane images around the globe are fleeting, and instead the growing and ripple-worthy trend of dynamic travel documentation remains. Through these experiential pieces of digital artwork, the awesome, educative effects of travel can reach not only those who ‘lived it’ but those at home drooling over the chance and raring to go.

So that’s my motivation. That’s what travel media means to me. Travel is powerful, as is so beautifully demonstrated by the following videos. These are my ten favorite MatadorTV picks to date, fit with a one-liner explanation and my commentary (in bold) on why they’re awesome.

#10: San Fran Streets by Night

A night ride through the roads of San Francisco.

Great camera techniques with the car mount and interesting perspective on an often-photographed city

#9: World Cup Pride in Cape Town

Cape Town shows its excitement for Africa’s first FIFA tournament.

Awesome b-roll of compelling imagery

#8: Old School Los Angeles Today

There’s undeniable color and soul in the City of Angels
Big fan of the soundtrack and stylized visuals making today’s footage feel like yesterday’s

#7: A Goroka Show in Papua New Guinea

A rare opportunity to see the fantastical displays of traditional culture in Papua New Guinea.

Beautiful soundtrack I listen to on repeat and a great opportunity seized

#6: A Portrait of Cambodia

Cambodia’s beauty is in the little moments and details.

Soothing and exhilarating at the same time

#5: Fifty People, 1 Question: Brooklyn “Where Would You Wake Up?”

A simple question that brings out the beautiful diversity of the human race.

Beautiful use of manual focus and a lovely concept, onto which any filmmaker can elaborate

#4: Journey Across India, 3000 Photos in Three Minutes

Ride an auto-rickshaw across the intoxicating Subcontinent.

Incredible use of photomotion and a great example of a travel video that sucks the viewer in

#3: Powerful Memories of Japan

When you create vivid memories of your travels, you’re always being challenged and moved by the road. Japan returns to the mind.

Great concept, mesmerizing editing, and many great visuals

#2: A Stunning Trip Through Taiwan

Friends and co-workers experiencing the vivacity of Taiwan.

An awesome example of how a travel experience can be shared and what can happen when you’re camera never leaves your hand

#1: Letters From Thailand

Capturing the vivacity and camaraderie of time spent working in a Thai orphanage.

Love the stylized visuals, the authentic Thai shadow music soundtrack, and the comfort established between the children and the filmmakers

In my humble opinion, 2010 was an excellent year for the travel media sphere (see evidence above). There are some amazing talents infiltrating the web these days, and thanks to the mobility and access the internet provides, filmmakers and travelers can reach millions without having a Sundance film featuring Orlando Bloom. And one doesn’t have to study film to produce this kind of quality, though I’m sure it helps. It takes a camera, a computer, and – above all – passion in the world and the stories we tell.

Go, ninjas. Make your magic happen.

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